Technical Notes

USB 3.0 pco camera interface

This application note “USB 3.0 camera interface” discusses features and issues of the PCO USB 3.0 interface. Included in this discussion is the configuration of recommended hardware and software.

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pixel size & sensitivity

The relationship between pixel size of an image sensor and its sensitivity is discussed in detail to illuminate the reality behind the myth that “larger pixel image sensors are always more sensitive than small pixel sensors”.

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binning or dynamic control of pixels

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...blooming in a CCD camera?

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dynamic - dynamic range to understand dynamic and the influence on imaging applications

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linearity linearity important for imaging applications?

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noise in general

overview on noise sources in a CCD camera system

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An overview on the timing of output and input signals is given for Furthermore the timing of double shutter/exposure image recording is described.

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signal to noise ratio (snr) can the signal to noise ratio in a CCD camera system be calculated?

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shading in large image sensors

...why are the corners of my image so black?

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...smear is what?

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warm pixels

warm or hot pixels - explanation and methods to replace them...

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