10th World Conference on Neutron Radiography

The 10th World Conference on Neutron Radiography (WCNR-10) will attract scientist active in the field of neutron imaging either as designers and/or operators of facilities or as users of such installations. During the conference the latest methodical developments, instrumentation layout and improvements and new applications will be presented and discussed.
WCNR-10 continues a series of meetings that was initiated and started in San Diego (USA) in 1986. In intervals of about four years the conference moved between USA, Japan and Europe until the most recent one (WCNR-9) that took place in South Africa in 2010. See the proceedings of WCNR-9

Given by the progress of the detector development the method of neutron imaging has become much more efficient than in the past and new techniques (tomography, real-time imaging, etc.) have become common tools for different research applications. A world-wide active community of both method and application oriented members has grown within the network organized within ISNR. Many powerful neutron imaging beam lines now operate as user facilities and the systems are shared among very different research teams. The access to neutron imaging at user facilites has also resulted in a growing user community that benefit from the latest developments at the instuments.

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