Thursday, 08/30/2012 | The well of the Essquibo - where?

    Blue Paw Artists and the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Laboratory (University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Faculty of Spatial Information) start on an expedition to figure out where the well of the River Essquibo in Guayana is. This river is one of the longest rivers in Sout America, but its origin is still unknown and hidden in the wilderness. On Saturday September 1st, the members of the team start to Guayana. They will use also highspeed and normal speed cameras  from PCO to document there experiences. On the PCO Facebook page we'll report every week the news and the progress of the expedition, which we'll receive via satellite. If you are interested in, watch out and keep in touch.

    The photo shows the camera man Rainer Bergomaz from Blue Paw Artists investigating the largest caiman species on earth - the black caiman, who lives in the upper parts of the river Essequibo.