By using MATLAB for PCO cameras, you cover 3 components in 1 package:

  1. The pco.matlab adaptor integrates your PCO camera(s) into the MATLAB image acquisition toolbox. This makes it very simple for you to conveniently control your camera system and acquire images in MATLAB.
  2. With the pco.matlab flim package you get a basic set of MATLAB functions. It helps you to compute phase and modulation depth images as well as lifetime images out of the camera’s flim image raw data. Furthermore, the pco.flim white paper supports you with detailed explanations and mathematical descriptions.
  3. The pco.matlab scripts provide you a collection of example m-files. They support you to call functions from pco.sdk directly from the MATLAB scripting language. The examples show how you initialize the camera and change camera settings, grab images from an operating camera or the camera’s internal memory. Grabbed images are displayed directly in a MATLAB figure window or collected in an image stack. Use MATLAB algorithm to further process the images from the image stack.

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