Note on SPIE. Photonics West (BiOS) 2022

Due to the continued rise of COVID-19 infection rates and the uncertainty of international travel disruptions, Excelitas Technologies and Excelitas PCO GmbH must regrettably withdraw from exhibiting at SPIE Photonics West (BiOS) 2022. While the health, safety and well-being of our employees remain our top priority, we wish SPIE continued success with the event and eagerly look forward to returning in 2023.

Expanding the pco.edge series

The pco.edge 10 bi CLHS is PCO's next level sCMOS camera with unprecedented imaging performance. Thanks to its back illuminated image sensor it comes with a quantum efficiency of up to 85 % with broad spectrum out to NIR. The sensor incorporates microlenses and a full pixel height deep trench isolation for crosstalk suppression resulting in an excellent MTF. Further, the camera provides a large image circle by using a high-resolution 10.5 MPixel image sensor with a square pixel size of 4.6 um. 

With the pco.edge 26 CLHS, another new sCMOS camera is coming onto the market. It combines the image quality of a 26 MPixel image sensor and operates at minimum read noise and dark current.

Both cameras are equipped with 4 CLHS FOL channels – all aligned in one compact plug – and capable of transmitting up to 4.9 GByte/s.

These features make the pco.edge CLHS series a powerful solution for applications in microscopy, life science, and physical science.

pco.edge 10 bi CLHS pco.edge 26 CLHS

PCO stands for what we are: a Pioneer in Cameras and Optoelectronics.

With 30 years of expert knowledge and experience PCO has forged ahead to becoming a leading specialist and innovator in digital imaging used in scientific and industrial applications such as life and physical science, high-speed imaging and machine vision.

We have the most versatile sCMOS camera portfolio on the market and are recognized globally for creating a broad variety of superior camera systems that are on the cutting edge of technology.

Our worldwide entities ensure that PCO cameras are developed and supported in a way that meets our customer applications. Our customers’ input has a direct path back to our product development and support teams. Constant advancement of our hardware and software guarantees profound innovational strength and enables powerful competitive capacity.